The Problem

About 725,000 individuals are released from prisons and millions more cycle through jails each year, a volume of formerly incarcerated people reentering society never before seen. A complex set of factors makes these individuals vulnerable to relapse to criminal activity, resulting in high rates of recidivism. Nationwide, two thirds of those released from prisons and jails are rearrested for a new offense within three years and 54% are re-incarcerated.

Our Pilot Program

Due to these realities, ANWOL is partnering with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) on a pilot program to identify and place formerly incarcerated people with family members living in HACLA’s Section 8 housing. We will work together to create individual plans for each person and their families, and to help in whatever way we can to ensure the success of the reunification and reentry, and to help end homelessness that often results after release.